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The Omega Green Revolution

We’re not talking about fossil fuels, but of the trend for 2022. Fashion, furnishings, lifestyle: the color green trend. And Omega is joining in, as are other watchmakers. Every Maison, in fact, seems to have launched at least one green model; a sort of giant ticking mechanical forest of infinite shades ranging from sage to […]

History of chronometer

Here are a few events that traced the history of the invention of the chronometer 1712 – The British Parliament passed the Longitude Act The Scilly naval disaster of 1707 was a terrible shipwreck involving four British ships which was caused by an error in navigation. After that, the British Parliament offered a huge amount of money, £20,000 […]

The Illustrated Horology History

The new Illustrated Horology e-book The Illustrated Horology History is a new e-book that wants to trace the history of watches. It includes the development of everything that the human race has discovered or decided around the concept of time and its measument.  This is not a technical book, not an exhaustive encyclopedia; it just […]

Automatic watches accuracy

Automatic Watches Accuracy  When talking about watches, we often mention accuracy – which is actually a difficult concept. The real question is: are automatic watches are accurate? How can we improve their performance?  So, if you’re asking yourself this question, you’re in the right place to find a good answer. Are automatic watches accurate? The […]

How to Start a Watch Collection? – A guide for absolute beginners

You can’t open any site about watches without discovering somebody who talks of investing in watches and collecting them. They usually show hard-to-find pieces and pretend that building an assortment with buying and selling is simple and straightforward. However, actually, we will see that this isn’t precisely the situation. How to get into watches? So, […]

How many jewels in a good watch?

Why watches need jewels? When we hear about mechanical watches, we often read about that term like “jewels” or “rubies,” and we often fantasize about the hidden riches inside our watches. There are some fiction stories also related to thieves stealing the jewels of a watch! Well, the term “ruby” or “jewel” refers to tiny […]

The best watch book: The Watch Manual

The best watch book When I first became interested in watches and watchmaking, I started looking for books about watches, especially traditional timepieces like manual winding and automatic watches, and their history. So, I realized that there were mainly two types of books: on one end, many technical watch repair books, and on the other, […]

Are watches jewelry?

Watches have always represented objects of social signifiance, from their very start Whatever you do, a smart-anything that you buy today will be obsolete in a couple years, and will be tossed in the bin, replaced by the new, improved version. A watch will never become obsolete, because it already is, so you will not […]

When watches were invented?

When the first watch was invented? Watches have been invented around 1500 in Central Europe, and they derived from sundials. In the northern hemisphere, where horology originated, the shadow from the gnomon of a sundial seems to move clockwise during the day – so ancient clockmakers adapted this concept to visualize the passing of time on the clock […]