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How many jewels in a good watch?

Why watches need jewels? When we hear about mechanical watches, we often read about that term like “jewels” or “rubies,” and we often fantasize about the hidden riches inside our watches. There are some fiction stories also related to thieves stealing the jewels of a watch! Well, the term “ruby” or “jewel” refers to tiny […]

The best watch book: The Watch Manual

The best watch book When I first became interested in watches and watchmaking, I started looking for books about watches, especially traditional timepieces like manual winding and automatic watches, and their history. So, I realized that there were mainly two types of books: on one end, many technical watch repair books, and on the other, […]

Are watches jewelry?

Watches have always represented objects of social signifiance, from their very start Whatever you do, a smart-anything that you buy today will be obsolete in a couple years, and will be tossed in the bin, replaced by the new, improved version. A watch will never become obsolete, because it already is, so you will not […]

When watches were invented?

When the first watch was invented? Watches have been invented around 1500 in Central Europe, and they derived from sundials. In the northern hemisphere, where horology originated, the shadow from the gnomon of a sundial seems to move clockwise during the day – so ancient clockmakers adapted this concept to visualize the passing of time on the clock […]

What are some of the most prestigious wrist watches?

I will focus on just five of the most insightful watches I have come across, based on my personal views and feelings.  Also, you are going to find some very different market values in there. I mean, watches which are worth a King’s ransom, and others which are instead affordable almost for a Baron. But hey, you […]

Gérald Genta, the ultimate watch designer

Who was Gérald Genta The world of horology would not be the same without Gérald Genta (1931-2011). He was a sort of wunderkind of modern horology and has been one of the most influential professionals of all time. He both invented the profession of watch designer, and at the same time, he was also a […]

A watch icon: the Rolex Submariner

A homage to the star of the show The Rolex Submariner came in 1953, after the development of the Oyster case in 1926 and the historic crossing of the English Channel, by the British swimmer Mercedes Gleise. Rolex developed the Submariner to improve a watch with the most advanced water-resistant features possible, namely, the automatic […]

Why is Rafael Nadal’s watch so expensive?

A match of two giants Because Nadal is Nadal and Richard Mille is Richard Mille. But, let’s start from the beginning. Richard Mille watches are similar to F1 cars. They are “watches”, of course, as they can measure time reliably. But they are designed to serve a specific purpose. In Nadal’s case, to survive the […]

Why should a man wear a watch?

The futility of checking time at the wrist In 2020, wearing a watch looks almost useless. Currently, we have many different ways to check the time around us. Our phones show the time, and far more accurately than any mechanical watch could. Our PCs show the time. Our cars show the time. If we walk […]