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The watch crown. History, handling, servicing

How was the crown invented? What does it hide? The watch crown, which is a common sight nowadays, is a somewhat recent addition to the watches arsenal. Prior to its invention in 1842, watches used a key, as most clocks already did: after all, watches are just small, portable clocks. To wind them or regulate […]

Silver and watches: how to take care of it

Why don’t we see many silver watch cases? Precious metals like silver and gold were extremely popular throughout human history as a preferred material to make precious objects. Still, nowadays silver is seldom – if ever – used in the manufacture of watches. The motivation for this lack of popularity depends on a phenomenon that […]

The uniqueness of “real luxury” in watches

Why are “luxury watches” such a status symbol for people? Despite what lots of people think, true luxury and high-end are really two separate things, and might co-exist in the same brand. High-end and luxury watches sometimes represent a rite of passage. As you rightly say, a sort of status-symbol object. But what transforms a […]

Diver watches and their history

Diver watches, the history of fighting against water. Diver watches represent a very modern obsession, starting in the Fifties with the launch of the Submariner by Rolex and the Fifty Fathoms by Blancpain. But the waterproof watch, which today has been renamed “water-resistant”, is the modern heir of another kind of timepiece, which was much […]

Decorations and finishings in watch movements

The secret beauty of watch decorations While we know that complications in a watch make the most of its value and price, let’s not forget another quality that renders luxury watches genuinely precious. And this is the presence of finishings and decorations, both in the movement and its case. And we are not talking of […]

Digital watches are older than what you think

We often think that digital watches are a modern thing. Well, they are not. We are not accustomed to thinking that our grandfathers could have been daring and extravagant and innovative. Yet, they were. They were the ones giving us things like the radio, cars, planes. And digital watches as well. This is a lovely […]

Getting rid of moisture in a watch

What to do if water has gotten into an old Rolex and is fogging the glass? As time goes by, watches lose their water resistance. It happens. And if you are experiencing this issue, well, you have a couple solutions. The easy solution is as follows. Get it to your watchmaker for a service, quick. […]