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How to look affluent – with a watch

What type of watch should I wear in order to appear confident and successful? Well, my friend, you have put your finger squarely in the wound (and it hurts). This is the typical “me” vs. “society” question. When you wear a watch – any watch – you transmit a message out. People look at you […]

From the stars to the dirt

The spectacular fall of some Maisons leaves space for a comeback. The watch market during the years has registered a huge number of ups and downs. Let’s consider together just the last century: two World Wars, two significant economic crisises, and one watch-specific Armageddon, the Quartz Crisis. The first brand that comes to my mind […]

Might a watch run backwards? Not really

Has anyone ever bought a watch and found it was going backwards? While the possibility seems intriguing, this would happen only if the watch was designed to do so, like in the original watch issued by Apple, and in some contemporary watches made for specific purposes. It is impossible that it happens by mishap. There […]

In watches, size does matter

We are always slave to the trends of the fashion, and fashion comes and goes, even in watches. What is the current trend for men’s watch sizes? Is the large watch fad finally fading? I can tell you that yes, it is luckily over. Watch fashion is like regular fashion: it comes and goes, and […]

Buying your first mechanical watch

Finding the best first mechanical watch is almost an art I want to buy a men’s mechanical watch, but I don’t know which brand to buy. Do you have any recommendation? Well, if I had one cent for every time I heard that question, I could buy myself Patek Philippe. Not one watch – the […]

The killing of the steel icon

Patek Philippe kills the 5711 and retreats from steel luxury sports timepieces It is the talk of the day. Nope, the year.Well, let’s say: of the 2000s. This watch was the wet dream of horology fans worldwide.And everyone keeps asking himself why. The answer is that Patek Philippe wanted to return back to its roots […]

The magic of the tourbillon

How the mesmerizing tourbillon and carrousel work A tourbillon movement works exactly like a traditional mechanical movement would. The only difference from a traditional movement is that the assembly of the regulatory organ of the watch, that is, the balance wheel, rotates around itself, eccentrically on its cage in a proper tourbillon, or axially in […]

How would you rank watch companies?

Everyone has his standards, and the same value does not apply to everyone.  Watch companies ranking is highly subjective, as it is based on different elements: movement (complications) branding materials decoration/finishings exclusivity/production The five intermix, and in a typical company there are different quantities of every one of them. To make an example everyone could […]