You can’t open any site about watches without discovering somebody who talks of investing in watches and collecting them. They usually show hard-to-find pieces and pretend that building an assortment with buying and selling is simple and straightforward. However, actually, we will see that this isn’t precisely the situation.

How to get into watches?

So, how to start a watch collection? For some people, the enthusiasm for watches began at a young age. Patiently, perhaps following a good family example, they set aside their own money to support the cost of the pleasure of fastening that first precious watch to their wrist. And then another. And then another.

Others wind up as collectors by chance. Maybe after getting a legacy and investigating what was really going on with it. Lastly, being chomped by the “watch bug.”

Others perhaps began their collection for various reasons. Some directly for financial goals – putting resources into something substantial and conceivably having growth in value after some time. Or on the other hand, they also want to be on the fashionable side. A watch, as an extra, has this kind of impact: it shows your style and ultimately communicates your character.

As should be obvious, actually, there is no single inspiration that moves watch lovers to begin collecting. Each assortment is unique, as some may prefer vintage watches, and others favor new watches: everybody has their own way. However, whatever your need or want, it’s useful to sit back, take a full breath, unwind, and sort out the thing you’re getting into.

Create a collection with a feasible target

You would better understand that getting at least one outstanding quality watch is expensive – so it’s unrealistic (or, if nothing else, not the best thing in the world) to just start shopping and purchasing whatever watch you like. That would be the wrong way to deal with the watch collection.

When you find yourself in this condition, it promptly follows that you need to concentrate on a feasible target: that is the reason watch lovers discover the subject that typically describes their taste and gives the concentration to their assortment. For instance, there are chronograph fans. Other people who love divers. Or, on the other hand, watches with dials of a specific tone or that have a particular size of watch.

A collection doesn’t need to be extremely expensive; you may concentrate on collecting an entire assortment of quartz watches, the same way people did during the 1980s with the Swatch. Remind that having a particular topic will make it simpler to accomplish it.


How to build a watch collection over time?

Genuine collectors don’t “assemble” an assortment: they “develop” it. A collection resembles a living element, so the real collector is more a nursery worker than a manufacturer. This implies that, regardless of whether there is a start, there won’t ever be an end, as the genuine lover will consistently search for the “amazing piece” to finish it.

Thus, it’s helpful to build up specific rules to assist you with starting your journey, that is, to make a worthy collection of watches while staying away from the usual traps that plague beginners collectors. Also, at last, it leads them to waste their money without building anything with real value.

Study your subject from the beginning

People are not meant to be researchers, legal advisors, or engineers: they have to figure out how to become one and keep studying to keep up to date. We can say something similar for people who want to become watch collectors. They must continue to advise themselves and understand the huge number of seemingly insignificant details that distinguish the viewer from the master. In this way, the most brilliant option is to focus to your advantage on a particular item and have some expertise in it unbalanced – like bumper movement watches. Also, when you’ve mastered that one, extend it by looking at nearby fields – like automatic clocks.

Discover the Rafa Nadal’s watch, by Richard Mille


Establish a monthly/yearly spending plan for your watch purchase

Even though collecting watches is a hobby, you need to dedicate regular time to the activity. For this reason, you should follow a detailed financial plan for your watch hunting. We know for sure that the adventure of hunting for a specific piece may be so passionate that you may surpass your spending limits – watch collecting can turn into an exceptionally inescapable enthusiasm. Therefore, the ideal approach to keep it in line is to set a financial plan and never surpass it. This way, you can keep your spending in check while developing your collection.

Never run into watch collection

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. When beginners enter the field, they will generally commit average new kid on the block mistakes. Experienced players can detect a newcomer far in advance – and they usually realize how to profit from their lack of experience. Thus, there’s no reason to hurry up. If a chance appears unrealistic, for the most part, it is only that.

Never stop improving your watch collection

A watch assortment is rarely finished, as it would be unthinkable. There is always a consistent opportunity to get better. Maybe you could search for a specimen of a watch already in your collection that looks better compared to the one you have. Or then again, find one more with a watch movement that is in a better condition than the one you have. Or then again, essentially, you need to let loose a few assets to buy another watch, which would be seriously intriguing/reasonable for your collection. If you sell a reference from your assortment, you add the support you gain to your financial plan.


Assessing the current value of the watches you own

If it’s not too much trouble, monitor and record the watches that you have bought and their value, as it will help you to understand better where the market is going. Likewise, if you end up focusing on particular models, remember that the watches you buy would be influenced – sometimes significantly – by the value of the pure investment. In any case, the genuine collectors, most importantly, are passionate about watches; the value is something that comes after.

Always wear your watches

Except if you live in a risky sport, and along these lines, your assortment may be better put away in a safe-box, the real collectors wear the watches they buy. Purchasing watches is fun since you’ll put something different on your wrist each time, and you’ll do it – for the most part – for the simple pleasure of doing it. Despite its most obvious ability, marking time, a watch is an accessory that boosts your appearance and gives you a unique look at social events. A man who knows watches is usually a man of good taste.

How many watches should a collector own?

It depends. It could be a number between one and infinity. But, of course, it depends on many factors. First of all, your finances. Then, what kind of social life you have, and how many social occasions you have to wear your watches. Business suites, gala dinner, formal clothes, sports activities, and more.

We would suggest aspiring collectors start with just one quality piece related to the theme you are passionate about and then slowly progress and buy others that fit well with your chosen theme. Be careful, though: always reckon with your wallet. Putting a piece in the collection that may not be perfect but you bought at an attractive price might be worth it. The best solution is always to wait for the right opportunity to present itself when you have the money ready to close the deal you have set.

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