The loveliest vintage watches for the most demanding connoisseurs…

… officially certified by The Watch Manual!

We are very pleased we can finally present you a selection of excellent timepieces, which come from our endless quest to recover and refurbish old non-working watches.

You are going to find some great value among these timepieces. Please note that some have been serviced recently, and come with a one-year warranty on the movement. Others (the ones marked with an asterisk*) were not recently serviced, but they are good timekeepers (that is, not requesting important regulations daily). Others still, while they do work, should be taken to a watchmaker to run properly. Their current state is already reflected in the discounted list price.

The service for these watches starts from around USD 120, depending on the kind of watch and movement (complicated watches cost more – contact for an estimate).

Also, shipping rates vary from where you want the watch being shipped, so they are calculated expressly for you after you decide to buy them. The watches are shipped from Europe by insured and registered means only, and declare their face value: you are responsible of taxes and import duties in your country (if any).

To receive more info, additional photos of the watch and to order it, please click the button under the watch and specify what watch you are referring to.

All watches will be accompanied by an electronic personalized certification reporting the features of the timepiece.