The new Illustrated Horology e-book

The Illustrated Horology History is a new e-book that wants to trace the history of watches. It includes the development of everything that the human race has discovered or decided around the concept of time and its measument. 

This is not a technical book, not an exhaustive encyclopedia; it just wants to quickly outline what has happened, when, and who was to blame! This exercise paints an interesting picture, that shows us some different phases in horological history.

We will acknowledge that – as other fields of knwoledge tell us – the cultural epicenters of these technological earthquakes shifted constantly during the years. 

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You will find that for the sake of organization, we have used a color code to distinguish between different topics. Blue is for the presentation of the most famous watch models. Red is for the facts, happenings and discoveries made, in horology. Yellow is for the founding dates of the most important watches brands. Finally, Azure is used for the birthdate of the people who have contributed to the watches and horology industry.

The Illustrated History of Horology

Actually, lots of people who love horology do not have idea when things happened in the specific field of innovation. Knowing history helps you in understanding better the evolutions of fields and markets, like it happened with horology. Through a proper chronology and evolution we can track the people, the periods, the inventions – and their effect on branbds and models.

Also, this helps vintage lovers to better understand when and how some key features in watches evolved; this becomes quite helpful to help them date their timepieces better. So, this is what you will find inside this new chapter of The Watch Manual, named The Watch Manual: Illustrated Horology History – or IHH in short.

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The first edition of this e-book is around 240 pages long, and features around 450 entries divided into four main groups, each one with its color code to help categorize it:





The e-book includes around 200 brands, 60 watch models, 130 innovations/events and 60 personalities. 

The e-book starts with the measurement of time in ancient Egypt, and close with the Altiplano by Piaget, the Ming brand founded in Malaysia, and the Zenith Defy Lab. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about horology history.

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