When talking about watches, the first brand that comes to 99 percent of people’s minds is Rolex. The green and gold Swiss house has been dominating the market for decades, collecting a series of successes that have made it one of the world’s most recognized and highly respected brands. That’s why we want to bring […]

We’re not talking about fossil fuels, but of the trend for 2022. Fashion, furnishings, lifestyle: the color green trend. And Omega is joining in, as are other watchmakers. Every Maison, in fact, seems to have launched at least one green model; a sort of giant ticking mechanical forest of infinite shades ranging from sage to […]

What is the Kinetic watch movement? How does it keep accurate time? The Kinetic is an interesting evolution of watch technology; it is worth learning a little more about this evolved tech, which is powering lots of watches worldwide, even today. In very short, the Kinetic tech is a hybrid tech that mixes mechanical and electric […]

Here are a few events that traced the history of the invention of the chronometer 1712 – The British Parliament passed the Longitude Act The Scilly naval disaster of 1707 was a terrible shipwreck involving four British ships which was caused by an error in navigation. After that, the British Parliament offered a huge amount of money, £20,000 […]

The Watchonomicon is the blog of The Watch Manual. It features all the elements that have made the TWM such a great resource for its readers: easy-to-read articles, interesting questions stemming from the constant interaction of the readers, and the same down-to-earth tone that is used through the TWM series of books to explain and entertain without sounding dull or pedantic (or at the very least trying NOT to).

This is not your average watch blog: watch blogs generally present new watches, sometimes because they have an interest into presenting them that goes a lil bit further than the interest of their readers. Nothing wrong here – we all have to pay our electrical bills. But we try to do something different here. We would like to let our readers explore the universe of watches and understand why this model is better than that model, not just showing them both.

And also, to understand what you can do with an old watch. How to entertain and service it, or refurbish and maybe, resell it for a fair value. Or how to wear it to the best. Exactly as our line of books do. So, if you like watches, and you would like to understand watches a bit more, and not just to take a look at them, well – this is the place to be.

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