Automatic Watches Accuracy  When talking about watches, we often mention accuracy – which is actually a difficult concept. The real question is: are automatic watches are accurate? How can we improve their performance?  So, if you’re asking yourself this question, you’re in the right place to find a good answer. Are automatic watches accurate? The […]

You can’t open any site about watches without discovering somebody who talks of investing in watches and collecting them. They usually show hard-to-find pieces and pretend that building an assortment with buying and selling is simple and straightforward. However, actually, we will see that this isn’t precisely the situation. How to get into watches? So, […]

Why watches need jewels? When we hear about mechanical watches, we often read about that term like “jewels” or “rubies,” and we often fantasize about the hidden riches inside our watches. There are some fiction stories also related to thieves stealing the jewels of a watch! Well, the term “ruby” or “jewel” refers to tiny […]

The best watch book When I first became interested in watches and watchmaking, I started looking for books about watches, especially traditional timepieces like manual winding and automatic watches, and their history. So, I realized that there were mainly two types of books: on one end, many technical watch repair books, and on the other, […]

The Watchonomicon is the blog of The Watch Manual. It features all the elements that have made the TWM such a great resource for its readers: easy-to-read articles, interesting questions stemming from the constant interaction of the readers, and the same down-to-earth tone that is used through the TWM series of books to explain and entertain without sounding dull or pedantic (or at the very least trying NOT to).

This is not your average watch blog: watch blogs generally present new watches, sometimes because they have an interest into presenting them that goes a lil bit further than the interest of their readers. Nothing wrong here – we all have to pay our electrical bills. But we try to do something different here. We would like to let our readers explore the universe of watches and understand why this model is better than that model, not just showing them both.

And also, to understand what you can do with an old watch. How to entertain and service it, or refurbish and maybe, resell it for a fair value. Or how to wear it to the best. Exactly as our line of books do. So, if you like watches, and you would like to understand watches a bit more, and not just to take a look at them, well – this is the place to be.

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