Has anyone ever bought a watch and found it was going backwards? While the possibility seems intriguing, this would happen only if the watch was designed to do so, like in the original watch issued by Apple, and in some contemporary watches made for specific purposes. It is impossible that it happens by mishap. There […]

We are always slave to the trends of the fashion, and fashion comes and goes, even in watches. What is the current trend for men’s watch sizes? Is the large watch fad finally fading? I can tell you that yes, it is luckily over. Watch fashion is like regular fashion: it comes and goes, and […]

I will focus on just five of the most insightful watches I have come across, based on my personal views and feelings.  Also, you are going to find some very different market values in there. I mean, watches which are worth a King’s ransom, and others which are instead affordable almost for a Baron. But hey, you […]

The charm of the vintage timepieces is unquestionable I have a legacy Longines watch (1940s). Do you suggest refurbishing and servicing it at the factory or at a local specialist? This is a very common debate in the vintage world. And the answer has varied in time. As much as the tradition of a brand […]

The Watchonomicon is the blog of The Watch Manual. It features all the elements that have made the TWM such a great resource for its readers: easy-to-read articles, interesting questions stemming from the constant interaction of the readers, and the same down-to-earth tone that is used through the TWM series of books to explain and entertain without sounding dull or pedantic (or at the very least trying NOT to).

This is not your average watch blog: watch blogs generally present new watches, sometimes because they have an interest into presenting them that goes a lil bit further than the interest of their readers. Nothing wrong here – we all have to pay our electrical bills. But we try to do something different here. We would like to let our readers explore the universe of watches and understand why this model is better than that model, not just showing them both.

And also, to understand what you can do with an old watch. How to entertain and service it, or refurbish and maybe, resell it for a fair value. Or how to wear it to the best. Exactly as our line of books do. So, if you like watches, and you would like to understand watches a bit more, and not just to take a look at them, well – this is the place to be.

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