Watches: women emerging as new buyers

Watches: women emerging as new buyers

The resounding success of female-directed films in 2023, such as "Barbie" or the Italian film "C'è sempre domani" (There’s always tomorrow), has not come as a surprise. These movies have been dominating the box office, spotlighting the increasing prominence of women as all-around protagonists, rather than mere side characters. This trend is notable even in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as film directing, and extends to other industries like #watchmaking.


While the #luxury goods sector has long captivated women due to its exclusivity, superior #craftsmanship, and the status associated with its products, this appeal hasn't often translated to the watchmaking industry, and especially, not in the past fifty years. However, the recent surge in feminine assertiveness has catalyzed a profound shift in women's behavior when purchasing luxury items, including watches. 

But what exactly are women seeking in timepieces?

The Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry Study 2023, "A Caliber of Its Own," offers valuable insights, dedicating a significant section to emerging trends within the women's watch market.

Women and Watches in 2023 

The study by Deloitte reveals that two-thirds of women surveyed purchase watches for themselves, placing value not only on #appearance but also considering watches as an investment over time. Forty-four percent of the sample prefer distinct designs, while 26 percent opt for unisex options. A growing market trend which prompted several #watchmakers to introduce new models catering specifically to female audiences.

It's evident that for women, watches serve as accessories to personalize their appearance, complementing their other fashion accessories like jewelry. This trend has even led to the re-emergence of "secret" watches in the market, including pendants (like the Jacob & Co model worn by Rihanna) or ring-watches recently presented by Fossil. This phenomenon hearkens back to one of the earliest recorded wristwatches—or rather, armband-watches—in history: the renowned secret watch created in 1868 for Countess Koskowicz of Hungary by Patek Philippe.

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In 1868, Patek Philippe created the first wrist-watch for Countess Koskowicz of Hungary

Elegance and Design

#Empowerment in women's purchasing decisions coincides with a quest for products aligned with their desires, often emphasizing fine details to create timepieces that seamlessly blend #functionality with distinctive #design.

Women's watchmaking increasingly showcases meticulous attention to detail, incorporating fine materials like gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Innovative use of colors, shapes, and textures elevates the aesthetic appeal of watches, enhancing their refined appearance. 

Nevertheless, #versatility remains crucial, with many models designed to transition seamlessly from formal to casual wear. Consequently, unisex watches are popular among women, allowing for sharing and flexibility. Watchmaking houses have responded by offering smaller-sized versions of their classic models. Panerai, recognized for its substantial timepieces, has introduced 38mm diameter "Baby Panerai" watches, better suited for women's wrists compared to their larger models from a decade ago.

Digitization and Online Shopping

The digital revolution has transformed the luxury shopping landscape for women. E-commerce platforms and social media have made luxury items more accessible than ever before. Contemporary women extensively research and explore reviews, recommendations, and styles on social media platforms before making significant purchases.

In line with this, several women have made significant strides in the world of watchmaking, not just as designers but also as experts and influencers. An example is Giorgia Mondani, often regarded as the Chiara Ferragni of watchmaking. With nearly half a million followers, Mondani, and other women in this field, communicate the essence of the most coveted timepieces through their personal style and distinctly feminine perspective.

Giorgia Mondani

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