Franz Rivoira

Franz Rivoira 


And I am the author of The Watch Manual

I am a marketing and communication professional expert in design and luxury products. I am also a writer and a journalist, with over 30 years experience. Moreover, I'm also a current leading expert of watches and I'm writing on Quora, with over 20 million views over my articles.

I write about watches, but I also took some training courses at the Horology School of Turin, my home city.

This book comes from my experience, and from what my readers have asked me for a long time. In fact, in this book I put my horological knowledge in a guide, that was both entertaining and easy to read and understand for the average Joe or Jane.

Well, The Watch Manual aims to do this.

It wants to become an easy manual to understand more about watches and their history.

Plus, it wants to offer a wide panorama about the world that surrounds watches, so to let people discover them, the best brands, the protagonists of the watch scene, and what does it really mean to wear a watch today.

On the other hand, The history of horology is a new e-book that wants to trace the history of watches.
This is not a technical book, not even an exhaustive encyclopedia; it just wants to quickly outline what has happened, when, and who was to blame! This exercise paints an interesting picture, that shows us some different phases in horological history.

We will acknowledge that - as other fields of knwoledge tell us - the cultural epicenters of these technological earthquakes shifted constantly during the years. 

I hope you will find these manuals right for what you were looking for: a complete, easy, and also, fun to read reference book about horology.

I wait for your every comment, both good and bad. Let us make this book better and better together.

Thank you
Franz Rivoira