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One of the most-read watch experts on Quora, with more than 20 million views over his contents.

Franz Rivoira is one of the leading authors about horology on Quora. He writes internationally for design and watch-related topics on the Quora, Medium and Patreon platforms, as well as in many other blogs and traditional media like DDN – Design Diffusion Network, Luxury Bazaar, Groom + Style and The Truth About Watches.

Franz aims to take horology from its usual esoteric, secluded place of arcane knowledge, and bring it to the open, for anyone to understand and enjoy.

The path to watch knowledge starts from this e-book
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624 pages, 157 chapters

A huge reference book. 624 pages, with 157 simple, focused chapters divided in 9 sections explaining in detail every topic.

a captivating history

Learn how watches became what they have become today, how this happened, and who invented what.

grow technical skills

Understand how watches work, so you can explain to others the fascinating craftsmanship that lies inside them.

65 brand profiles

Discover 65 famous brands, from Audemars Piguet to Zodiac, with their history and famous models.

spot the bargains

Understand how to find bargains, to check the state of watches, to refurbish them, and resell them for a profit.

great references

Access to tens of carefully selected references in horology – books, blogs, websites, forums, YouTube channels.

What the readers say

I just downloaded The Watch Manual and I’m scrolling through its pages, the book is even more beautiful and richer than I could imagine.

Congratulations on the achievement, it will be an exciting reading.

This is going to be great.

Let me know what is the best way is to help promote this book!

I love it! A lot of info in here, and well presented – quite unlike a lot of watch books I’ve had in the past.

If you even have a passing interest in watches, you’ll enjoy this book.

Thank you so much, this was very fast! 🙂 It looks amazing, can’t wait to finish this certification that I’m doing. What a lovely read for the quarantine time…

It is a great pleasure to me to finally read your book.
Congratulations, you are really a great writer (based on your Quora answers). I wish you the best of successes.

I have read The Watch Manual.
You have obviously done a marvellous job.

What you might want to consider is some kind of concluding remark, for the printed version at least. This usually provides the reader with a sense of completeness as it seems.

But this is a very marginal remark and does of course not affect the impression of an impressing book.

I cannot express how delighted I am to receive this ebook. I started gaining interest in horology after being impressed by your writing skills and the way you present the answers. This is my first ever purchase of any ebook and I am positive that it will have a lasting impact on me.
Again, thank you so much for bringing this exciting interest of Horology in a form of this book. May you have all the success.

I am really enjoying the book (and the inevitable expensive ping-pong’ing between the book and Chrono24). This may become expensive.

Congratulations on setting it loose! It definitely has your inimitable style, humor, and readability.

I did my first run-through of The Watch Manual this afternoon.  I’m impressed!

I have a lot of the reference material you cite at the end of book, and you covered a lot of material better than the source documents.  The color pictures are something that really illustrate the point.

You renewed my interest in watches and time. Eyesight is too bad now – I am 83 years old – but enjoy reading about it and looking at examples. Thanks.

Your book is wonderful!  You have done a great service to folks like me who love watches but don’t know that much about them. I am learning a lot.

It reads as if written by a man with a triple major in engineering, art, and the humanities.
Quite impressive.

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The Watch Manual
  • The complete, 624-page TWM e-book, featuring everything that you need to know about watches and watchmaking.

    It includes the profile of 65 among the most famous brands.

  • - pdf version
  • - personal use license
    (two devices)
  • - no support

Best Value
The Watch Manual
  • The complete, 624-page TWM e-book, featuring everything that you need to know about watches and watchmaking. It includes the profile of 65 among the most famous brands.

    With a LIFETIME UPDATE service + assorted perks.

    For a limited time, it includes the Top Brands Guide ($5.99) for FREE!

  • - pdf version
  • - personal use license
    (unlimited devices)
  • - free e-mail support

Il Manuale
degli Orologi
  • Il manuale completo, in formato e-book di 624 pagine, tradotto in ITALIANO.

    Spiega in modo semplice e accurato tutto quello che c'è da sapere riguardo agli orologi e all'orologeria.

  • - versione pdf
  • - licenza d'uso personale
    (due dispositivi)
  • - nessun supporto

The Patreon Chronicles
  • A 450+ page guide e-book presenting you select articles previously reserved exclusively to Patreon readers and now available publicly.

    It complements the contents of the TWM.

  • - pdf version
  • - personal use license
    (two devices)
  • - no support

Top Brands Guide
  • A 237-page guide e-book detailing the 60 top brands of horology and specific information about brands and branding.

    It complements the contents of the TWM.

  • - pdf version
  • - personal use license
    (two devices)
  • - no support

The 200 Brand Guide
  • The complete 712-page guide e-book detailing over 200 primary brands of horology, over 200 marks of movement makers and over 1,600 secondary brands used by the most important ones, plus notes about the evolution of brands and serial numbers.

    It complements the contents of the TWM.

  • - pdf version
  • - personal use license
    (two devices)
  • - no support

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Frequently asked questions

Is this book for watch experts only?

The answer is NO: this is a book for everyone!

This manual has been written with the goal of explaining horology to people who are approaching it for the first time.

However, since it confronts with the theme from many different perspectives, would be a welcome addition to the library of longtime watch fans as well.

I am not that good in English! Will translated versions be available someday?

For sure!

If there is a good support, we plan to translate The Watch Manual, at least into German and Italian, and in a second phase, Chinese.

These editions will come out as e-books first, and will be sold through this website as well as through other online vendors.

I want to buy the printed book, not the e-book. How can I do that?

The paper version is still coming, but you have a GREAT opportunity!

If you buy the e-book now, and later you want to buy the printed version of the book, you will get a $10 discount.
Yes, you are going to pay just the difference of the two (and you will have the e-book essentially for free to load on your devices).

What happens if I pay and do not receive the download link?

If you follow the procedure this will not happen

The online buying procedure is fail-proof and secure, and you’d get the download link together with your PayPal receipt.

You need to click the “Purchase” button of the e-book(s) you want (even more than one), and do it again to proceed to “Checkout”.

At the checkout screen you could either pay via PayPal or via a credit card, and personalize your options to receive the e-book.

However, if you have issues after having done so, please contact us at info@thewatchmanual.com

And we will sort things out!

I want to order it. Which payment options do I have?

Well, it is all very straightforward and secure.

We have selected the leading electronics payment processor, PayPal, so you can use your PayPal account.

You can also pay by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard): in the PayPal window, select the button saying “Unregistered Guest” (or similar), insert your e-mail address, and you will be taken to a form where to insert the details of your credit card.

PayPal is the leading payment processor of the world, so your data will stay secure.

When you have paid for the book, you will receive the PayPal receipt, which contains the download link.

Safe and quick!

And if something happens, contact us at info@thewatchmanual.com

How can I download and read the e-book?

The Watch Manual is an e-book in PDF format, so it uses a common format to be read on different systems and devices. However, to read it directly on a Kindle device, you need to transform it into another format.

Alternatively you can read it with Calibre, both for Windows and Mac computers, or with iBooks on iPad and iPhone, or with Google Play Books on Android devices.

Apple Users, please remember that you have to instruct your device to download and save the book directly in the iBook program: if you don’t, it will disappear the next time you try to access it.

May I read one chapter to see if i like the book?

There are bad news and good news for you.

The bad news are that the answer is no, you cannot read a chapter to decide if you like the book.

The good news are that you can read EIGHT COMPLETE CHAPTERS, one for each different section of the book.

Just complete this form, and click download: you will receive a 42-page extract of the whole book, so to decide if you like it or not.

Do you want something for nothing?

Get 8 complete chapters of The Watch Manual for FREE. Just fill the form and send it to receive a 42-page extract of the complete e-book of 157 chapters and 642 pages.

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