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The Watch Manual

E-book The Brand Guide

E-book The Brand Guide

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The Brand Guide is the first of the “vertical” guides to complement the “horizontal” content of The Watch Manual.

These guides are going to develop in more detail aspects and niches that have been lightly touched in The Watch Manual, and that die-hard watch fans would enjoy.

This first guide focuses exclusively on the topic of watch brands and branding in more detail, building up on the information published in The Watch Manual and expanding on it. As you possibly know, considerations about space dictated that we could only include 65 profiles of watch brands in The Watch Manual: this number swells to over 200 in this book, adding over 135 to the 65 already published, and which will be repeated (and updated) in this Guide.

This means that if you are interested in the specific niche of different watch brands, there will be no need to buy The Watch Manual: you could just buy this specialized guide instead. 

So, both books are made to be perfectly autonomous and complete in their own right.

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